After using the plastic comb all these years, do we don’t know that plastic is not bad for the environment, but also bad for our hair quality. The what is the alternative? have this question crossed your mind ever? If yes, here it is , shift to natural products, one can start using the wooden combs for the better health of the scalp. But does that really work? lets find out.
Yes! it does help your scalp to breath well. Be it be environment or your scalp, Wood is the best solution. The best way to repair your damaged hair is switching to the Wooden comb and avoiding the harsh Chemical, detergents and heat from your lovely hair.
Science behind the Switch :
The combs made up of Metal and Plastic create fiction due to which the electric positive charges run through your hair where on the other side hair has the negative charges which attracts the hair towards the comb, which results in weakling of hair, fizziness. So to avoid this problem the best alternative is Wood, as the wood could not conduct the electricity, which do not results in such issues.

Benefits of Wooden Comb :

  • Gentle on Hair : Same as the wood is gentle towards the environment, the wooden combs are also gentle on our scalps , as the wood and hair both contains the negative charges it helps the hair to get the non frizzy and shiny look. And the best thing is that as being a natural product, wood never tends to create allergic reactions on the scalps.
  • Natural nourishment to hair : The wooden comb not only helps to detangle the hair smoothly, but also helps to to distribute the natural oils into the scalp in proper way. Which results in better and healthier hair than earlier.
  • Helps to reduce Dandruff : Dandruff is nothing but the result of irritation which is caused in scalp, if hair is no irritation caused due to the use of wood, then their is no chance of dandruff in the scalp.

How to preserve the Wooden comb :
Their is absolutely no maintenance for such natural products, but water can cause a bit damage to the quality of comb over the years, try to keep your wooden comb in dry places and clean it after the use and remove the hair from the comb after every use.

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