A few days after the farmers protest at Punjab Delhi border, again a protest is being held by the Nation’s farmers in Punjab , the farmers in Punjab are on the Rail Roko ( stop the train) protest which will be held on Sunday from 11am till 3 pm, the protest will be a response to the call given by the Samkuyta Kisan Morcha .

Railway tracks blocked :
The railway tracks are already blocked in certain destinations of the state including Bhatinda, Amritsar, Ambala and other stations against the Union government for not full filling their demands. As shown in the pictures the farmers across the state have blocked the railway tracks by sitting on the tracks. Passengers travelling in the train are stuck at the railway station in Amritsar amid the Rail Roko Protest held by the farmers across the state. The decision of protesting against the Union Government was take at a joint meeting held in Ludhiana by Bharti Kisan Union, on 11th of July.

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Delhi Protest :
While talking to the farmers protesting on the railway tracks, many of the farmers said that the Union Government agreed to introduce the Minimum Support Price for their crops and because the government agreed they called off the protest from the Delhi border, but according to the farmers no such bill and no such steps are being taken by the Union government in favour of the farmers, and this was the reason for their further protests.

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Have you ever wondered why are Indian farmers across the country and especially from Punjab are protesting against the Union Government? The Sanyukta Kisan Morcha is a huge umbrella comprising of almost 40 farmers associations who all are demanding the Support Price (MSP) for their crops from the Union government but the Union government isn’t agreeing for the same.