Recently the president of Film Federation of India announced that an Indian film got direct entry to the Oscars award this year. A Gujrati film ‘Chello show’ is being selected to be nominated for Oscar award. It is such a great news for Indian film industry that the country’s film and more specifically a regional film from the country which are majorly underrated now showed up to the Oscars. One thing which makes this news even more special is that the regional film has defeated the multi star, big budget films of Bollywood like Bhramastra, RRR and others.
The present president at FFI said in one of his interviews that the decision of choosing Gujrati film to be nominated for Oscars was taken unanimously by the 17 juries present, Among 13 Indian movies including 6 Bollywood movies, and each from the southern film industries 1 Gujrati film took away the attention of jury members.

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The film directed by Pan Nalin starring Bhavin Rabri, Richa Meena, Vikas Bata, Bhavesh Sharmmili, Deepesh Raval and Rahul Koil was released last year on 10th June, has a very simple story line based on the director’s life shows how a young boy from Saurastra region of the state falls in love with movies and how he spends his summer vacation while watching movies from the projection room by bribing the owner.
While talking about his film the director said that he could have never imagined that his directed film would go to Oscars, further he thanked the FFI and the Jury members who played a role in selection of the film for the Oscars award.

It is obviously a proud moment for all Indians and more specifically for the people belonging to the film fraternity as its very rare that any of the regional films from the country gets selected for the Oscars.

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