Who doesn’t like desert, be it be Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Jelebi, Rabdi every mouth watering desert is made even more special and more tempting with a pinch of Saffron, isn’t it the truth? Saffron one of the rarest beauty used as a Indian spice in every household is a gem in itself. Ever wondered about the journey that the thin strands of stigmas goes through before becoming the most expensive specie across the world.
Lets know where was this beauty originated ? All though the Saffron is used majorly in India but wasn’t originated in the country, Saffron was originated in Iran., then travelled to Spain, Iran, France, Germany and then finally reached England and it was introduced in India via British. Apart from being as a specie worldwide, these thin strands are also used for dyeing purposes and also known for its medicinal purposes.

Now as we know where was it originated and how it managed to reach India have you ever thought that why only this spice is the most expensive worldwide? If you have ever come across any flower then you would have seen the stigmas, the thin strands found in the middle of the flower. Saffron is none other than these thin stigmas found in rare Purple flowers and one another thing which will be more interesting to know would be that each purple flower only consists of 2-3 strands of stigma which makes it a rare thig and as a result it is the “gold of spices” that is is the most expensive thing found in Kitchen.

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The process of picking up and choosing the strands makes it even more special and expensive, each of the piece of saffron is hand picked and very delicately, and according to the research it approximately takes around 270-340 hours of human labour in harvesting for the cultivation of 1 pound of saffron.

If talking about Indi Kashmir is known for Saffron cultivation across the country, and is also recognized for the finest quality of Saffron across the world. The state is highly suitable for the cultivation of the crop, the temperature, the climate conditions, the soil and everything which supports the cultivation of Saffron is found in Kashmir.

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One another thing is that Kashmir is be felicitated by National Saffron Mission as the Kashmir valley witnessed the highest yield in the production of the saffron in 2021 with yield of15Metric tones which was revealed in media. Gold of Indian Spice : why saffron is so expensive .