Of course the brand was started as Asian paints, it had to be the leading paints company across the Asia. Who ever thought that a home grown company would become a Multinational Company today? Have you used Asian paints to paint you home? Of course you would have. But while using the particular brand in our homes, do we think of the success or the struggle a particular brand goes through while making the brand outstanding in the market place?
The tagline “Har Ghar Kuch Kehta hai” is so accurate as it mainly targets the Asian and the Indian society, behind the colourful and bright colours in or homes their is a lot of struggle and hustle hidden and after so much of hustle the company today stands on the 1st position cross country and on 3rd position across the whole Asia.

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The company is serving its colour across the country since the past 7 decades, so its a story of friends, young, energetic, enthusiast of trying out new things and to come up with something very new. Around 1942 ChampakLal Choksi, Arvind Vakil, SuryaKant Dani, ChimanLal Choksi started Asian Paints in a small garage known as Friends garage. Of course it was a bit challenging initially for al of them to start something very unique and handle it, there was time when the company was closed doe to the World war2nd and Quit India movement in the country during the British rule, but all of them stood strong and then again dared to relaunch the company, and once it was relaunched the company showed up to the profit of 23 crores annually, Soon the company was named as Asian paints private limited.

Watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3b26d_sMVk

After serving the people of country the owners wished to expand their business in other countries too and then the company was then launched in 22 other countries apart from India, and there after this is no looking back , the brand is now one of the leading brands in this industry across the world.
One of the main reason why the brand got more customers because the brand changed the perspective of their customers that its not necessary to paint only when the walls are pealing off, one can paint the home for décor purpose.

Who ever thought that this small start-up which was started back hen during British rule in the country will still lead and compete with other brands across the world. This story is truly inspiring to all of us Indians as we know where we come from and what is our potential.