The person who taught us to laugh, today left us crying. Comedy King Raju Srivastava who suffered sudden heart stroke a month back was declared dead in the hospital today morning, 58 years old Raju was rushed to AIIMS Delhi on August 10th after suffering a major heart stroke while doing work out in a gym in a hotel.

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The comedian was known for his comic timing and unique characters played by him which generally targeted the middle class audience. After his sudden dismiss the whole country is under shock . After his sudden dismiss we are with certain things which are not generally known about him :

  • Today he is known for his talent and his perfect comic timing, but did you know when was the time when he started his career in Comedy? Raju stepped into comedy when he started performing for the show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ , where he won the title of “Comedy King.”
  • Do you know that Raju Srivastava the name which brought him so much fame and success isn’t the real name of him? Raju was born in Kanpur and was named Satya Prakash Srivastava, later he chose to change his name to Raju prior stepping in the world of Comedy.
  • The career which brought him so much success wasn’t his plan to choose it, Raju always wanted to be a actor and tried his luck in Bollywood films too, he also made his small presence in movies like ‘Mene Pyaar Kiya’ , ‘Amdani Athaani Lharcha Rupaiya’ , ‘Bazigar’ and lot many films.
  • Raju was also a chairperson of Film Development council in Uttar Pradesh, and due to his talent he became one of the top paid comedians across the country.

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  • After getting much success in the field of acting and comedy he always wanted to try something new in his life and hence tried joining politics, in 2014 Lok Sabha election he was contested on behalf of the Samajwadi Party,. but later on joined the Bhartiya Janta Party.

  • While struggling to be an actor initially in Bombay he also rided auto in order to make money in such expensive place.
Raju as Gajhodhar bhaiya
  • As all of know that he was loved all over the country majorly because of the character played by him “Gajhodhar Bhaiya” , he once made it clear in one of his interviews that he got an idea to play the character as Gajhodhar Bhaiya as he observed people around him in his initial days of struggle.